Sony BRAVIA KD65AF8 65 inch OLED 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart Android TV YouView

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Product features

Ultra HD 4k

Smart TV – Allows you to stream music and videos, browse the internet and view photos

Amazon Alexa– Interact with your TV through an Alexa device and use your voice to control your viewing experience.

Google Assistant– Quickly find and play your favourite shows using just your voice.

Triluminos Display– Purer and more distinct colours with a heightened sense of depth

Sony Entertainment Network– Offers you the latest catch-up tv, movies, music and apps

This TV comes with a Sony Warranty.

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Featuring stunning OLED picture technology and Sony’s innovative Acoustic Surface sound, the Sony KD65AF8 is at the cutting-edge of TV.

The reference standard for picture brilliance – OLED
Backlighting technology is a thing of the past with OLED. Instead of using various arrays of LEDs to light an LCD display, OLED uses over eight million self-illuminating pixels for sensational image quality. With self-illuminating pixels, you get outstanding contrast. Blacks are far deeper than LED displays and corresponding whites much brighter. For the ultimate in realism, OLED is where it’s at.

Sony X1 Extreme processor to maximise the OELD benefit
Sony’s highly rated X1 Extreme processor has an impressive 40% more real-time processing than the already high-performing X1. What’s more, this processor is smart enough the know the difference between a 4K UHD Blu-ray, Netflix 4K and USB streaming, to deliver the best possible image quality, whatever the source.

Dolby Vision for dramatic imaging
Dolby Vision optimises the HDR format to give quite simply the sharpest, most accurate images possible. Dolby vision-equipped TVs decode both generic HDR content and content that’s specifically been encoded in Dolby Vision – a leading format in Hollywood and cinemas. Dolby Vision also adjusts the picture to take full advantage of each display’s characteristics and presents an optimized picture for each scene in specially mastered content. (Available via a future firmware update).

HDR10 and HLG
As well as Dolby Vision, this 65″ Sony OLED TV also offers decoding for HDR10 and HLG. HDR10 is widely used on UHD gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft. HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma HDR) is a broadcast and user generated standard format that is set to become the standard for transmitting 4K signals.

The sound of Acoustic Surface
Unlike most TV’s, the Sony KD65AF8 doesn’t use conventional speakers; it simply makes the screen move with the sound! By using twin actuators at the rear of the screen, the whole surface acts as one, cohesive speaker. As well as improving the looks, it also means the sound is more accurately located to the image, giving more believable dialogue sync. To give explosive sound tracks the full force they deserve, a small subwoofer in built into the rear of the cabinet.

Android TV now with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
Sony’s Android TV gives effortless access to Smart TV – making this TV as flexible and easy to use as a smartphone. Now featuring Google Home and Amazon Alexa, Android TV is more powerful than ever. With Google Home, you can find and cast your favourite videos to the TV. Connect your Amazon Alexa enabled devices for seamless hands-free control of a Sony TV. With Amazon Alexa, you can power up your TV, change channels, control volume and more.

Voice Search and Content Bar for effortless searching
Even with such a massive range of content, finding what you want is always easy. Voice Search means you simply say what you’re looking for and let Android TV find it for you. The unobtrusive content bar quickly lets you find the movie, TV show or video you’re after. Call up the Content bar and you can keep watching, while you scan through live TV, on demand, downloaded TV shows and more.


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