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Samsung M7 Black WAM750 Large Wireless Audio Multiroom Speaker

Samsung M7 Black WAM750 Large Wireless Audio Multiroom Speaker


Having just the single, inflexible music source stuck in one room, like a hi-fi playing CDs, is so last Century. Now you have far more freedom with innovations like the Samsung Black WAM750 Large Wireless Audio Multiroom Speaker.

With the Samsung 750 Multiroom speaker, once paired-up with your smartphone or tablet, you can stream internet radio or your music files conveniently, so the music is with you no matter where you are in the home. Laptop on and in your study, but you want to listen to music on it with clarity and bass in your living room? No problem. Just use the intuitive smartphone app to select, drag and play, and allocate it to the WAM speaker in your living room.

For the system to truly show its potential, you need to add WAM speakers in a number of rooms. Then you can truly, have the music follow you, selecting what tracks to play on each speaker - whether they're playing the same one, or playing a totally different track in each room. You can even tailor the volume levels to each specific room.
The Samsung M5 Black WAM750 Large Wireless Audio Multiroom Speaker provides a quality, and convenient way to listen to music around your home regardless of the source.

 Product Model M7 Black WAM750
Also known as: WAM750
Sound Dolby Digital: Yes
DTS: Yes
Smart Functions
DLNA Function: Yes
Smartphone Remote: Yes (iOS / Android)
Control device
Android 2.3.3 and above
iOS 6.0 and above
Windows XP and above
Mac OS X 10.0 and above
  • MP3
  • WMA
  • WAV
  • FLAC
Connectivity Multiroom: Yes
TV Sound Connect: Yes
Built-in WiFi
LAN Port: Yes
NFC: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Audio In 3.5mm (x1)
Speakers Mid Range 56mm (x2)
Tweeter 19mm (x2)
Woofer 4" (x1)
  • Height (mm) 194
  • Width (mm) 402
  • Depth (mm) 137
Features All Share Play: Yes
Stand Vertical Foot Stand
The Electronics Warehouse Warranty 6 Months


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